Remote PC Repair

At Rapid PC Rescue, we recognise how crucial it is to maintain your computer’s optimal performance. That’s why we provide professional remote PC repair services that enable us to diagnose and resolve your computer issues in real-time while you observe. Your privacy is paramount to us; we guarantee never to access your personal files or emails without your explicit permission.

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How does Remote PC Repair work?

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Reach out to us through our website, phone, or social media to get started.

Initiate Session

Initiate Remote Session

We provide secure software for the remote connection, ensuring your data is protected.

Remote Session

Remote Diagnosis and Repair

Watch and collaborate with our technicians as they fix your computer.

Problem solved

Problem solved

Inform us if you need further assistance; your satisfaction is our priority.

Remote PC Support is quick, cost-effective, and accessible to everyone with a working internet connection, no matter where you are in the world. All communications between us are securely encrypted. You initiate all sessions, giving you complete control; you can end a remote session at any time. We respect your privacy and we cannot access your computer without your express permission.


  • Virus and Spyware Removal:

    Clean your PC of any viruses and spyware.

  • Spyware Identification and Removal:

    Detect and eliminate spyware applications.

  • Email & Peripheral Setup:

    Configure email accounts, printers, and other peripherals.

  • Software Management:

    Install or uninstall software as needed.

  • Data Backup:

    Perform secure backups to protect your important data.

  • PC Tune-Up:

    Optimise and troubleshoot your PC to enhance performance.

  • Error Resolution:

    Solve Windows errors and other computer glitches.

  • Maintenance Education:

    Teach you the best practices for maintaining your computer.

  • Tech Tuition:

    Provide personalised tech lessons for users of all ages.

  • General PC Advice:

    Offer general advice and much more to improve your computing experience.


While our remote support is comprehensive, there are certain issues that cannot be resolved remotely and may require an onsite visit. These include:

  • Network/Internet Connection Problems:

    Since our service depends on a working internet connection, issues with your network or connectivity typically need onsite troubleshooting.

  • Hardware Issues:

    Problems with hardware components such as routers, memory, hard drives, or other issues that prevent your machine from starting up or connecting to the internet usually require physical inspection. However, we can often help you diagnose these hardware issues remotely.

If you’re unsure about the nature of your problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always ready to assist and guide you through any technical challenges.

How much does Remote PC Repair cost?

We provide a convenient and affordable solution for remote computer repair services. Enjoy our expert assistance for a one-time payment of only £25 , charged only upon the successful completion of the repair.

No contract

No contract

No Up Front

No Payment Up Front

No monthly

No monthly fees

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