Remote PC Repair
Remote PC Repair

Remote PC Repair

At Rapid PC Rescue, we offer professional remote PC repair services that allow us to diagnose and resolve your computer issues while you watch. We respect your privacy and will never access your personal files or emails without your explicit permission. Trust us to provide you with secure and efficient remote PC repair services that gets your computer up and running again.

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Collaborate with our techs to fix your computer.

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Remote Pc Support is fast, cost effective and available to all (Assuming you have a working internet connection, remote support is available to you anywhere in the world). All communications between us are encrypted. All sessions are initiated by you and are completely under your control, you can terminate a remote session at any time. We can’t access your computer without your express permission.

We are pleased to offer remote troubleshooting services at a highly competitive rate of just £25.

What we can do for you remotely

What are Remote support limitations

There are some issues that we are not able to fix remotely and an onsite visit would be necessary, for example:
Network/Internet connection problems (this service relies on a working internet connection), Hardware problems e.g. router, memory, Hard Drive or other problems that cause your machine not to start-up or affect its internet connection (also in most cases we can usually help you diagnose a hardware issue)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you are unsure what your problem is, we are always happy to help.

No contract, No Payment Up Front, No monthly fees.

We offer a convenient and affordable solution for remote computer repair services, with a one-time payment of only £25 upon completion of the repair.